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Hacking Lights of America 7200LED-BN LED Lights

Lights of America 7200LED-BN LED Lights being hacked

Lights of America 7200LED-BN LED Lights being hacked

The earlier post about repairing the Lights of America 7200LED-BN lights has generated quite a few comments and provided for a lively discussion but I end it at a rather pessimistic note: ” you can repair it now but eventually the light will fail again”. That’s because this has been my experience with all lights I’ve repaired so far. They have 24 original LEDs and after just a few hours of use another LED inevitable burns out.

Encouraged by one of my visitors, CharlySays , I decided to investigate the issue further and see if anything can be done to increase the useful life of these lights.  Besides, the lights have been dark for almost half a year now and I was ready to remove them from under the cabinet and possibly replace with mini CFL lights of a similar form factor.

Keep reading for the results of the hacking exercise:  Read the rest of this entry »

Repairning Seagate 7200.11 Drive on a Ubuntu 10.04 Computer – a Success Story!

SATA drive Serial TTL interface socket

SATA drive Serial TTL interface socket

When your friends and family are asking you: “So, how did you spend your weekend?” , wouldn’t you want to be able to hold your head up and proudly say: “I had successfully un-bricked my Seagate 7200.11 hard drive, what did you do?”.

I’ve found myself in a strong need of a SATA drive and the only ones I had on hand were two Seagate ST31000340AS 1000GBytes drives of the Barracuda 7200.11 clan that had silently died in my RAID array over the course of last year. I bought the replacements but it looked quite odd that the original ones died before reaching 18 months of age and I kept them safely in a box until I had time (and strong enough need) to try and figure out what’s wrong with them.

It turns out, I was not the only one having problems with these drives (far from it) and many people have successfully repaired them and posted enough detail on the Net for someone else to repeat the procedure. This post is not meant to be a detailed description of the procedure and the underlying issues with the drive’s firmware – there are many places where you can read about it and I’ll provide links below – this post describes just one way of doing it. I also wanted to illustrate that, although most instructions call for the use of a Serial-to-TTL adapter, there are other devices that can take its place. Also, most of instructions I’ve seen are based on Windows software and I thought Linux users like myself could use some more references Read the rest of this entry »

Repairing Lights of America 7200LED-BN LED Lights

Lights of America 7200LED-BN package

Lights of America 7200LED-BN package

Let me make it perfectly clear: if you see these sold in Walmart or elsewhere, stay away! This horrible product’s UPC is 755277720037 and the full part number is 7200LEDBN3VP. These are 120V-60Hz 2.5W (35mA) white LED “under cabinet” lights (“luminairs” as the manufacturer calls them) made in China and marketed by Lights of America, Inc. of Walnut, CA.

The manufacturer touts these as saving energy, linkable and longer lasting accent lights. I agree with the first two points but the “longer lasting” is a very relative term here. Let me put it this way: some (not all) did actually last longer than I was unpacking them but none lasted longer than 10 hours. And a couple were simply DOA (dead on arrival). Below is my collection of broken “Lights of America” LED lights. Read the rest of this entry »


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