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Manually controlling bipolar stepper motor with Arduino and EasyDriver

Stepper motors are great for accurate positioning because they move in discrete steps – a feature that makes them very appropriate for CNC software control. But every once in a while you have an application where you need to press a button and rotate some kind of a jig at a preset angle or move something a preset distance if it’s a stepper-driven linear stage. So, I decided to modify an earlier Arduino sketch I wrote for testing the world’s smallest stepper motor to make it a bit more useful (and clean any bugs in the process). Keep reading to see what came out … Read the rest of this entry »

Scorbot Files

I have a rather large collection of files and documents pertaining to Eshed Robotec (Intelitek) Scorbot as well as other manufacturers’ robots. I’ve been collecting them as I was getting new robots, and although most came from or were referenced from the Yahoo Scorbot User Group, some came from sources I can no longer recall and some are no longer online. So, I thought it would make sense to make some (eventually, maybe all) of those files and documents available here, arranged by the robot / controller type.

This is my first stab at the task, I will be re-arranging the page as I have more documents and files to share.
So here we go:

the Robotics Resources page

Scorbot ER4U USB Connection Cable

Scorbot Scorpower ER4U USB Connection Cable - image copyright 2010

Scorbot Scorpower ER4U USB Connection Cable - image copyright 2010

Just wanted to post this pinout here because the question often comes up in the Yahoo Scorbot User Group which has its search function messed up and people cannot find older posts.
So, yes, the Scorbot ER4U (Scorpower ER4U is the name of the controller) USB connection cable is basically a straight-through USB-A to USB-A with +5V wire cut-off. Note that technically you should swap the “+” and the “-” signal wires, which is how I show it on the diagram but since USB signal pair is balanced, the polarity does not matter and so you can just splice two factory-made USB cables. Just don’t forget to remove the +5V (usually red but double check that!) wire at the splice point.

So, the pinout looks like this

1 – no connection +5V
2 to 2 (or 3) -DATA
3 to 3 (or 2) +DATA
4 – 4 GND

Fixing a Scorbot ER4-PC

No electronics lab can go for long without a robot eventually making its way in. Well, in my lab there is approx a dozen. Most are Scorbots by Eshed Robotec (Intelitek, Depco and there may be other names under which they were sold) These robots are usually rather old and by the time you get them they have been through a couple of generations of middle school students. But they were built solid and many survived, even if in need of repair. This is what this post is about Read the rest of this entry »


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