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World’s Smallest Stepper Motor with Arduino and EasyDriver

This little wonder of electromechanical engineering came from inside a laser diode sled of an HP CT10L Bluray drive I’ve opened some time ago. The device on the picture consists of several parts, all easily fitting on a dime coin: a bipolar stepper motor with lead screw, a linear stage, a lens, and even an end position sensor (I’ve yet to make use of the sensor though). The entire assembly is only 14mm x 9mm x 4mm. This post is about making this tiny motor move. Keep reading! Read the rest of this entry »

Blu-Ray Teardown – HP CT10L BD-ROM / DVD Rewriter

HP CT10L BD-ROM/DVD R/W drive , ready to be disassembled

HP CT10L BD-ROM/DVD R/W drive , ready to be disassembled

Even though it takes me much longer than I anticipated, I’m still collecting parts for the laser cutter based on broken CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives. This time I decided to open a Blu-ray drive for the first time, never had a working 405nm laser diode harvested from a Blu-ray drive before.

This time the broken drive teardown is performed on an HP CT10L BD-ROM/DVD Rewriter drive (HP part number HP nPC P/N:491775-6CO). This is an older drive (manufactured in October 2008) and I expected it to have some useful parts – my experience has been that the most useful for disassembly parts are usually from 2003-2008 time frame. I was surprised to find not only two useful laser diodes inside but also an interesting part I did not expect to be in there … Read the rest of this entry »

DVD teardown – Toshiba TS-L462 CD-RW/DVD drive

Toshiba TS-L462 CD-RW/DVD drive ready to be disassembled

Toshiba TS-L462 CD-RW/DVD drive ready to be disassembled

I’ve been using old computer parts for ages now, have steppers removed from 5.25″ floppy drives that should belong in a museum at this point. But more recently I’ve started digging into DVD drives, more specifically, the burning kind, DVD-R/RW, for laser diodes, as evidenced by my other posts here. All with an eye on cutting stuff with them on a CNC rig. So, in my search for a perfect laser diode donor drive I’ve opened some 10+ types of drives and I am documenting the teardowns just in case I need to look at the parts and know where they came from. I though it may also me useful to post the pictures for other people to see. If you’re looking for a high-power red laser diode and have a Toshiba TS-L462 drive in front of you, I hope this post will save you a little bit of time because … Read the rest of this entry »


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