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Author Topic: Vacuum hold-down table for a CNC router - how do you cool the vac?  (Read 12717 times)


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I'm mulling over an idea of either making one for my router or getting a commercially available one. I would use it for milling PCBs most of the time but maybe some other flat stock, too - we'll see.

Anyhow, all the designs/products I've seen so far are designed to use shop vacs which makes me think:"How is the issue of vac's overheating is handled?" Both shop vacs I have are cooled by the same air they suck in (after is passes the filter of course). In fact, pretty much every vac, shop or household, I've ever seen is cooled that way. If you restrict the air flow (such as to create low pressure at the input end), it will start overheating in short order because less air is flowing around the motor.

None of the vacuum hold-down table products or DIY designs I've seen so far seem to even mention the issue. I'm thinking 15-20 minutes runs may be required to mill a considerable size PCB. It would really suck (pardon the pun) if the vac dies in the process. Both the vac and the PCB would be ruined  :'(.

Can someone with experience in using one of these vacuum tables comment on how the vac survives the air restriction?

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