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Author Topic: Soldering parts previously removed with CHIPQUIK  (Read 8925 times)


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Soldering parts previously removed with CHIPQUIK
« on: September 22, 2011, 06:37:09 PM »
I have removed some SMD ICs with Chipquik - a very low-temperature melting solder that replaces your normal solder and gives you more time to remove the part from the board, normally by the way of whacking the board against the table while Chipquik is still molten which sends the part flying off the board ;)

I don't know if the way I do it the most recommended by the manufacturer but it kinda worked for me as far as removal only was concerned. I now want to reuse one of the ICs I salvaged from an old board with Chipquik. The question is now: how carefully should I remove the remaining Chipquik? I mean, by the time you're done shaking the part off the board, it solidifies sort of haphazardly, leaving chunks here and there.

The actual bridges between the leads of the ICs are rare and I've taken care of them by just some touch-up with a hot iron. But there's still quite a bit of material left on the leads for me to be concerned about what's going to happen when I solder this IC to the new board using normal (not a lead-free) solder I use? 

Is it going to re-melt and mix up with the normal solder? Is that new alloy going to provide good contact? Will it even hold the part to the board well? When Chipquik solidifies it has a weird structure - it does not flow like a normal solder, it looks more like crystals and I think it is probably almost entirely bismuth which is what makes it melt so easily.

So, do you guys have experience with not just removing ICs with Chipquik (I know that part works, just needs a good whack  ;) ) but re-using the part afterwards. Any tips?


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Soldering parts previously removed with CHIPQUIK
« on: September 22, 2011, 06:37:09 PM »


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Re: Soldering parts previously removed with CHIPQUIK
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2011, 03:50:05 PM »
I've used Chipquik in the past and can't really remember there being a problem with soldering the part back. I do remember having to remove some Chipquik residue after the part has been separated from the board. Just add some flux and touch with a hot soldering iron, then wipe the iron tip and use normal solder to put it back.

If you remove excess, I don't think there's enough bismuth left on the leads to alter the regular solder's alloy composition in any serious way. Serious enough to create connection problems, anyhow.

Maybe someone else more familiar with soldering with Chipquik (or bismuth or other super low temperature solders for that matter) can chime in here?