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BLDC sine wave using a L298n


Hi all and greetings.

I have been working on a BLDC project for a while trying to use the sine wave tables to generate like it was shown in the stroboscope project.  I do get movement but it is certainly not as smooth as I would like,  I have tried more steps and this helped a little but still not great.

I am wondering id this is really not the fault of the l298n?

Ive got one dev kit from TI here for a fancy fan controller and at 7 hz the same motor is silky smooth.

love to hear your thoughts on the old L298n for slow speed bldc control.


I'm doing exactly the same and having the same problem as you. I also increased number of steps and it improved. The 10 bit resolution makes it worse but reducing the pwm speed makes it better but you get the frequency noise. I think the 298 is having problems with pwm signal creating noise in the output. Could it be necessary to have DAC between arduino and the 298 or a different driver would be a better choice?


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