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Help with Arduino control of an Out Runner Brushless motor

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Hi Georg, I have to admit - I'm not sure how the code you posted works at all - seems like both the LED flashes as well as the winding commutations are not in order at all. But anyway, I'll do  quick change in my new test circuit to see if I can add the strobe function really quick. Let me do that first and I'll post what comes out.



--- Quote from: Georg on March 11, 2013, 01:15:16 PM ---I have changed it according to your tips (btw now I understood it! :)). the LED flash is working and the CD is turning. But ... I could not find the right value for the flash frequency (parameter flashlimit)! I have 12 sections on the CD.

--- End quote ---

Georg, I started a new post on the changes I made for the stroboscope. I have it running fine on discrete transistors but you should also be able to run in on L293 without an issue. Note that I moved the flash LED to Arduino's digital Pin 3 so we don't accidentally change its ON/OFF status while setting the motor windings by changing the entire Port B (digital 3 belongs to a different Port D)

Here is the updated schematics and the new software for the BLDC stroboscope project

what changing in the program required to drive a bldc motor with 10 rpm and 12cog ?


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