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Running hard disk motor using pic microcontroller


Hi !
I have tried to run a hard disk motor with a pic 16f84a and a ULN2003 . The motor is rotating but at a very slow rpm. Can anyone please tell me how to increase the rpm using the same circuit? ?
please, its urgent
i am attaching the circuit i'm using and the code below. I'm using mikroc for the project.
please help

It has been some time since I looked at mikroC code, but I don't see the time value for that delay: what exactly is the duration of the delay? Three phase motors like this one have a really serious issue with spinning up to the required speed without missing steps. Sometimes hugely overpowering them works but there is no guarantee.

BTW, +12V on each winding is A LOT of power. They are 3Ω - 6Ω windings, so you may in effect be asking about 4A from your power supply, is it powerful enough?


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