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Recent Comments
  • CHAARI: need an eagle file for the control of a stepper motor with easy drive or a microstepping driver
  • admin: Awesome! Thank you very much for sharing, Dani!
  • Dani: Here is my version, not perfect but I learned a lot.
  • Dani: Thanks for your reply! :)
  • Andreas Carmblad: Thanks for answer :) I use easydriver yes. The problem is solved though. I thought I was supposed...
  • admin: Hi Andreas, You did not specify which stepper motor controller you are using and it is an important bit of...
  • Andreas Carmblad: I would really need some help with this. I can’t get it to work. The axel of the motor is...
  • jordan: whoops just realised the error in my previous post, 250mW is the output but has nothing to do with the input...
  • jordan: hi, i managed to get my hands on two laser diodes and was a little too eager with the first one (it blew out)...
  • admin: I think you are correct, LinuxCNC should be able to control it using a more widely available CNC servo...