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Using Atmega1280 to control a BLDC motor

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Hi am new to Arduino and I don't have much guidance so am kind of like training myself about it. Any one can assist me on how to control a motor using arduino and then send the same signal to another arduino using RF signal

I don't know about RF communication - haven't done it myself yet. But I am assuming that when you buy RF modules, you will get plenty of code examples on the Net for using them with Arduino. Are you talking about something like this ? Again, I haven't used those RF modules myself but they sound like you just hook them up to the Tx (Digital Pin 1) for transmitter and Rx (Digital Pin 0) for the receiver and use Arduino's standard Serial library. like I said, I personally have no experience with these but this is how I would approach it.

As far as BLDC though, this Arduino BLDC code should work on Atmega1280 . Since PWM is used, it limits the RPMs you can achieve with the motor but makes its rotation very smooth. So, if you can explain in some detail the actual application where you'd be using your Atmega with BLDC, I should be able to tell if this code is going to work or not.

I need to connect three push buttons to the Arduino and when I press the first button the motor increases speed in steps another reduces the speed of the motor in steps and the other changes the direction of rotation the motor.

What kind of RPMs are you looking for? Also, which BLDC motor are you planning on using and what kind of a load and torque requirement that is? As far as RF - did you mean that the buttons will be on a remote device?

The buttons will be on one of the Arduino boards which transmits to the other board. The motor is 
an EG-530KD with an RPM of 1600/3200 the load should be suitable for variable. Maybe the attached block diagram maybe of some help.


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