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Arduino and Relay


Hello !

I want to connect my Arduino UNO to a One Relay Switch Board.
I also want to connect relay to a Fan, TubeLight etc

Relay connections :  POLE, NO, NC,

Please can any one explain me the connections Please.

Images of Relay circuit are attached

Akshay, sorry I haven't been to the site lately and did not respond in time. But, basically, this board seems top have everything you need for a simple microcontroller connection. The Pole and NO (Normally Open), NC (Normally Closed) are the contacts for the load, depending on what you need. Say, you have a 120V source  and you want to turn a fan on, you would connect the Live wire from your 120V socket (usually black) to POLE, then the fan's black wire (they are usually reversible, so any fan wire will work) to NO. One of Arduino's data outputs connects on the other side to Signal, then you also need to connect +5V and Ground to Arduino's +5V and Ground.

Say, you have Arduino's D2 I/O connected to Signal. Somewhere in the program you would call up

--- Code: ---relayPin = 2;
digitalWrite(relayPin, HIGH);
--- End code ---
And the relay should click and the fan should start turning.

Given that you posted your question some time ago, did you figure that one out already? I'd be very curious to know about your project, please post more about it.


Never replied and help me, I am thankfull to you for that.
I surely continue my project.

Thanks a lot for helping me out  :)


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