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Hello, I'm a newbie here. I came here for 2 weeks ago.
First I want try to make Gimbal for steady cam. But I have nothing. I see many people have same interests with this.
So I'm hunt what I need to build one. Some people managed to make it by using arduino.
So, first think must I have is :
Arduino uno
Mpu6050 (gy521)
Brushless Gimbal motor

I have no knowledge at all about this. Find out anything about arduino code to make brushless rotate, googling about it.
Find your post ( this awesome.

Try your code, but my brushless only shake. Do not know what was wrong at first. Keep reading your articles about Brushless. It makes me more and more insight. I known about pwm, sinusoidal, and etcetera. The Most important is know how brushless work.
For now I assume why my brushless didn't work with your code it's because my brushless using 14 pole magnet. Try with pwmsine for 8 bit make spinning/rotate then stop later. And I not using H bridge.

That's introduced by me.

Hello Phebex,

Thanks for stopping by my blog/site.

I have to admit, it's been 5 years since I've done the original post you are referring to, and some of the finer details of the software would not be immediately apparent to me now. At least until a careful review, for which I have to admit I don't have a lot of time now. But I will try to at least validate some of your own concerns.

You are absolutely right - the phases of a 14-pole/?? cogs motor will be different than 12-pole/9cogs . You would need to modify the software to have more (I assume more - depends on the # of cogs) PWM steps. Otherwise the rotor will be skipping some of the positions which can lead to uncertain movements - sometimes the next    step in the software would result in the back step rotation of the physical rotor. Which is, I think is what you are experiencing.

I am not so sure how you can make it work at all without using an H-bridge. Arduino's  40mA outputs are not strong enough to drive anything in the physical world (maybe except for the tiniest of the stepper motors). Certainly not any gymbal BLDC I've ever seen. Perhaps you meant "no integrated H-bridge circuit", which would mean that you are using an H-brdge on discrete transistors? I don't know what you mean but if you did not, you should really look into employing one kind of an H-bridge circuit or another. Otherwise you will either fry your Arduino or it simply won't work.

Good luck!

That fine if you are busy now.

My Brushless is
MARSPOWER 220880T Brushless Gimbal Motor, you can google it, but hard to find datasheet.
there is 14 pole and 12 cogs.
Yes, after I tried to understand the theory of brushless (trigonometry). I also suspect that. there may be a step is missed.

Sorry if it makes you misunderstood. im not using h-bridge at a trial, This trial temporarily halted, because I'm ordering the item.


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